Are You Ready to Go Paperless?

10 Jan

These days, everyone wants to get involved in saving the planet by recycling, saving energy and saving trees. One way to help the environment is to use less paper and this can be done with paperless schools. We know that schools have overwhelming use of paper. They have forms, paperwork for international documentation, flyers for events, and so much more that stack up in the desks. Why not cut down all the unnecessary paper? There are many ways to transform a paper-based school to a paperless school.

A paperless classroom is a good start where latest technology and gadgets are used. Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) or an Apple iPad/iPod can be used to reduce the amount of paper used in a classroom. Laptops are portable devices that teachers use to present materials to students while students use them to maintain their notes and do their research.

The use of these devices can be helpful if the students in the classroom speak English or they are ESL students because they can independently work according to their language skills. It is an advantage if these devices can connect to the web. Students can submit their work online so that teachers can convenient grade their work online as well. Teachers will have a backup of their student’s work to avoid the loss of any material. To know more about education, visit this website at

Trees can be saved when less paper from this link is used. Also, the cost incurred in printing and paper can be reduced. Teachers can easily organize student data and make it easily accessible. Students can take their notes on these devices and refrain from making copies or backups in paper.

Providing devices and technology may have a higher upfront cost but it will be paid off pretty quickly as schools can save more money in the long run. Students can read classic literature for their literature classes when they have a PDA.

Many schools today have already used these techniques to help reduce the use of paper. Aside from using these devices, online services and software are available for students and teachers to use. For example, the text to speech service at can help students in reading as text is read to students instead of students reading the text. Such service may have additional features that allow students to adjust the speed of reading the text.

A paperless school becomes more efficient with the available options. Both teachers and students will have the convenience of technology to help them reduce paper use and avoid clutter in the area because data management can be done easily.

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